Arena Acts for 2018 are:

   Parkour Generations  

Parkour Generations:

The largest professional teaching organisation in the world of Parkour.

They travel all over the world and work with sporting authorities, primary and secondary schools, councils and organisations encouraging children and adults to train together in a fun, yet safe, way. Come along and have a go - free of charge.

  David Seamark: Sheep Dog Display

David Seamark: Sheep Dog Display

David's show is a practical demonstration of how working dogs do their daily work on the farm, how valuable a dog is to the farmer and the respect shown towards master and dog. Children will also be asked to enter the arena to help with sheep and ducks!

  Imps Motorcycle Display Team

Imps Motorcycle Display Team

For over 40 years The Imps have performed around the world for millions of people. Their display shows precise timings to perforn complex 'cross overs', fire jumps and pyramids. A must see for all the family.


British Imperial Memorial Band

Made up of ex-military musicians from all the armed forces. Dazzling and colourful there is no sound better than a British Military Marching Band.

  Jonathan Marshall

Jonathan Marshall: Equine and Falconry Display

This unique display combines the ancient horsemanship skills with the medieval art of falconry. Beautiful white stallions perform dressage and Spanish high school moves whilst breathtaking falcons dive overhead to chase the lure, along with beautful music and costumes makes this a spectacle worth seeing.

Tigers Display Team

Tigers Parachute Team

  Busybodies Display Team

Busybodies Display Team

This dance team made such an impact last year we are pleased for them to return perform again. Great music will have you singing and tapping your feet along with colourful costumes and dance routines. Not to be missed.


Essex Police Band

Back by popular demand, this high quality band perform a wide range of brass band favourites.




11.15   David Seamark (Sheep Dogs)

11.45   Imps Motorcycle Display Team

12.15   British Imperial Memorial Band 

12.45   Jonathan Marshall (Equine/Falconry) 

1.45     Tigers Parachute Team

2.15     David Seamark (Sheep Dogs) 

2.45     Imps Motorcycle Display Team

3.15     British Imperial memorial Band 

3.45     Jonathan Marshall (Equine/Falconry)

4.15     Busybodies Performance Team



10.45 Essex Police Band - National Anthem

11.00 Essex Police Band

12.30 Springwood High School Band

1.30 Essex Police Band

3.00 Springwood High School Band



Test your agility, adults and children welcome






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